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Walleye Central
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 July , 2018

 Club Fishing and Sporting Goods - Yard/Garage Sale

At Eastside Free Methodist Church
650 SE 139th Ave
Portlandl, Oregon__ 300 ft South of  Stark St. on 139th

  Monthly Club Membership Meetings

   WHERE:       Grace Baptist Church 
                          200 SE 76th Ave. Portland OR, 
   STARTS:        7:00 pm
    WHEN:          Thurs   Jan, 4  2018
                           Thurs  Feb, 1  2018
                           Thurs  March 1,  2018
                           Thurs   April  8,  2018
                           Thurs   May 3,  2018
                           Thurs   June 7,  2018
                           Thurs   July 12,  2018
                           Thurs   August 2,  2018
                           Thurs   September 6,  2018
                           Thurs   October 4,  2018
                           Thurs   November 1,  2018
                           Sat       Dec  1, 2018 at Eastside Free Methodist Church

   Membership Meetings are on the first Thursday of each month.
   Except for the month of December. Non-members are welcome.

Monthly board Meeting: at Larry McClintock's home at 7:00 pm
                            Tues    Jan 2, 2018
                            Tues   Jan 30,  2018
                            Tues   Feb 27,  2018
                            Tues    April 3, 2018
                            Tues   May 1,  2018
                            Tues    June 5,  2018
                            Tues   July 10,  2018
                            Tues    July 31, 2018
                            Tues     Sept 4,  2018
                            Tues    October 2, 2018
                            Tues    October 30, 2018
                            Tues    November 27,  2018

2018 Pacific Northwest Sportsman Show
Feb 5 , set up booth
Feb 7-11 at the Portland Expo Center
Booth location # 356

Pour Parties:  We need to get people together to pour weights not Beer.  We have orders for lead weights going out every other week now and our inventory is getting low.  Please call Lyle Amundson ASAP and get involved in this  fun activity. 
We pour lead weights to sell as a fundraiser for our educational  activities. Any interested members get together to pour weights that we sell at the "Pacific Northwest Sportsman Show" at the Portland Expo Center in early February.  We can pour bottom walkers for those who are there helping out. We get our lead through donations and direct purchase.  The pours are held at Larry McClintoch's Shop usually on a Saturday morning.

   For Information on this Call Larry McClintock 503 257-0553

Annual Christmas Party     1st Saturday Dec 2018

Starts at 6:30 pm at Eastside Free Methodist Church,
650 139th St. off Stark St. in SE Portland

      The club Christmas Party is held on the first Saturday of December during our regular meeting. This is the only meeting that is not on the first Thursday of the month. We have a 15 to 20 minute meeting and elect new officers and then to the food. This is a pot luck event and everyone brings their favorite dish and it is a gala event! After the eating is done we have a huge raffle. No tickets are sold, but to get a raffle ticket you must have participated in a club event. The more club events you participate in the more tickets you have. The prizes are donated by our club sponsors and we have given out as much as $4000 worth of tackle and other fishing equipment, including rods, reels and anchor systems. Besides eating a lot of good food, we have a great time with friends and seeing who made the biggest haul from the raffle! The "Top 10 Big Fish " plaques and certificates are  awarded at the party.

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