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Q: What are Oregons limits on Walleye Retention?
A: 10 per day and 2 limits in posession.  No more than 5 fish over 18 inches and only one over 24 inches.  You can fish all year.

Q: I am interested in selling my boat; can you help me? 
 A: Your best bet is Craig's list.  Sell your boat for a price that you would pay for it if you were in the market, be patient for at least 3 months.  Try to sell in spring or summer.  You can also use consignment through a local boat dealer or a broker.  Try a for sale sign at a highly visible location

 Q: How long will it take me to sell my boat? 
 A: The average boat sells within 2 3 months of being listed, but certain boats are in higher demand and can sell much faster. Sellers should be patient, and understand that finding the right buyer for your boat can take some time. 

Q: What are the advantages of having my boat listed on the Internet? 
 A: The Internet offers sellers the opportunity to reach a larger audience for selling their boats.

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