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Fishing Reports 

Please send me emails regarding your fishing trips,
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Fishing report:
Aug 8 and 9 2015, Oughs Reef
Fishout Sat. Aug. 8
What a beautiful day- not to hot- not to cold- slight breeze and partly sunny.  The only thing that could have been better is if more fish fish would have bit our lures.  Chris Schacht brought his new Lund boat for it's maiden voyage.  Congratulations Chris it is a beauty!  We only caught 9 fish, but we had a very good time.
Boat 1  Gary Boyd and Lyle Amundson                                               2                                                                                        Largest 3.75 lbs.
Boat 2  Don Adamson, James Hoyt, and Rich Ribar                           2                                               
             Largest 4.6 lbs.                                                                        
Boat 3  Rick Golden and Ashraf Ahmed                                              1                                               
Boat 4  Jon & Nicky Murahashi, and Michele Battaglia                        0                                               
Boat 5  Tim Wignall                                                                               2
Boat 6  Kevin Hollingsworth, Shrek, and Jim Gardner                         1             
Boat 7  Chris Schacht and Jerry Clopton                                             1                               
             Largest 3.75 lbs.                                                                        
                                                                                               Total       9
Sunday 9 August 2015
Chris( 10.1, 8.0, 3) , Shereen ( 8.1), Clyde S( 5.0 and 3). and Jim G( 3 lbs).  7 fish,
See big fish photos

Jim G. caught a  2 each  10+ lb Walleyes on Sunday 7 June 2015 at Club  fishout on Multnomah Channel .

Gordon Rabing, 6/6/15, 9 lbs, Rocky Point, released, smart move Gordon!

5/31/15  Matin Van T. posted this fish for Mult. Channel. 6 lbs released, way to go Martin.0530150811_(1)

3/7 & 3/8/2015--This weekend was one for the record books. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the fish were biting.  The biggest fish was caught Friday by Cal, it weighed 10.1lbs.  The total for Saturday was 9 boats with 22 people they caught 69 fish. On Sunday, 8 boats and 21
people caught 72 fish. It was a great weekend had by all thank you to all who participated.






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  20, 21 Feb 2015, to Deshutes and to  John Day lower deadline fishing was great Fri 19th, good 20th and slow on Sunday the 21st.  Fish are holding in slack water. medium fishing pressure now.  Weather is warm bringing out the boats.  Water temp still 40.5 degrees.

14 Feb 2015  Walleye Club Fishout, Good fishing below John Day


14 Dec 2014    No fish were caught in Mult Channel due to poor visability, dirty water from runnoff.  Ch Sc and Ca Bu

  4/27/14  Fish have be caught over past month  Below John Day Dam.  The water level is  rising now and will crest about June 6. 

Sat, Sept 7,2013: Five Walleye boats were fishing at Camas/ Washougal and no fish were reported being caught.  Bite is not on there yet.

2 Sept 2013:  Went to area below The Fishery, 5lb and 6.5 lb at 12:45, no fish at Toilet bowl or Fashon Reef.  Heard there were very few fish caught at Ouf's reef above Camas.  Roger Rauch, walleye guide, has been getting fish lately.

Shereen, 5 lb, released, 2 Sept

Conner with 6.5 lb, released, 2 Sept.

June 16  2013: A few boats on the Channel, Only one 5 lb fish was reported.
June 16 2013: Don M and Jim G were up by Bonneville caught 30 sculpins, Jim got 3 doubles on sculpins.  No Walleyes biting.

June 15 2013:  A 7 and8 lb. fish were caught at the channel by Don and Chris. They also caught two smaller fish.  About 5 boats on the river one guy caught a 12.5 lb fish

June 13 2013:  Bill Shoe. retuned from a week at Rufus Woods with report of catching limits, several times, with his son,who caught a 7.5 lb fish.

June 8 and 9 2013: 3 fish were caught at Multnomah Channel by 12 people overthe two days.  Last year on the same day, 9 club members caught zero fish at the   channel.

  May 2013

 Spent the day on the river from Lady Island to Multnomah falls.  The weather was great, a nice breeze and the river was flat for the most part.  Skamania island is no more, there's only one small arm from a root ball that remains.  I started trolling the section around Lady Is. then moved up to Reed Is., after which I tried deeper around Cape Horn.  Next was Phoca Rock, lots of nice structure, worked over with jigs and blade baits.  Moved on to the Multnomah falls stretch, worked the channel sides with jigs and crawler harnesses then spent a good bit of time on the flats between the markers.  Went back around Cape Horn and worked the rip rap for smallmouth to no affect.  Moved back to Reed Is.  Then it was back to Ough Reef for the rest of the day. Tried jigs, blade baits, swim baits and crawler harnesses and for all the effort I came away with one 14" squawfish which I shared with an osprey.  Almost eight hours and no walleye but still a nice day on the river.
            Best regards, Martin

Report for 23 March 2013 Rufus Oregon

Seven Club members fished below John Day Dam, Saturday the 23rd.. Among those that fished were two Walleye guides and one Tournament grade Walleye angler.   Fish were scattered below the dam and were tough to find even by seasoned, qualified fishermen. Four fish were netted. A 6.5 lb fish was released to be caught another day.  Maria C. caught a 17 lb Carp.  Can you imagine the fun she had on our relatively light tackle.  Most fish have been caught in 25 ft depth range, lately.
Mike Pinkerton's nice eater.

 10 March 2013 reported

I ( Bill Sch..) was fishing the Boardman area for about two weeks. The wind drove me off the water two days by noon. I left three days earlier than I wanted to because the forecast was for windy conditions. I didn’t catch a lot of fish however the smallest was 19 inches and the rest 20 and 21 inches. What a difference an inch makes in the actual size of a walleye. I let go the following fish: ·       
Walleye 10 pound 2 ounce 29 inches ·       
Walleye 13 pound 10 ounce 31 ½ inches ·       
Walleye 15 pound 12 ounce 33 ½ inches·      
Walleye 5 pound 24 inch male·      
Walleye 3 each - 7 pound 24 inch females·       
Walleye 23 inch female,  looked like a football·       
Walleye 8 ½ pound 27 inch·       
Smallmouth bass – 4 each 2 to 3 pounds·       
Carp about 7 pound,  fowl hooked in the back. 
I thought I had the world’s record walleye since it was on a Rapala.  I released 9 walleyes, 4 bass, and one carp while only keeping 10 fish. All I did for the entire trip was eat, sleep, and go fishing. I had a ball! 

Sunday 10 March, LCWC fishout, 6 boats,  15 fishermen, 8 Walleye
Several boats fished only 1/2 day.  Nearly all fish were caught in 25 ft.
Lyle A. caught a 8.75 lb fish.

Saturday March 9, Lower Columbia Walleye Club fishout at John Day tailrace and below. 8 boats, 21 fishermen and 7 Walleye caught.

Thurs, March 7, Boardman, Bill Shoemacher caught a 15 .lb 12 oz walleye  and several other very large walleye all in a very short flurry of time.

Tues, March 5, Boardman, Bill S., one 10 lb and 2 oz and one 5 lb caught.

Sun,  March 3 am fishing at Ough's reef.Chris and Jim , zero bites on blade baits  only.

John Day, Second weekend in Feb. 4 boats, 2 Walleyes were caught.  One was 12.25 lbs

12 Feb 2013,  2 male fish have been landed from The Dalles area by our club members since Dec 16, 2012.  This includes 10 trips.

4 November 2012  
Lonnie I., Chris S., Jim G. Shereen G fished Multnomah Channel.  Lonnie caught one Walleye and one 39 inch Sturgeon.  Jim hooked a Sturgeon that could not be raised from the bottom.

2 October 2012

Jim G. and Don M. went to Umatilla to night fish the full moon.  6 walleyes were hooked
 one 8.5 lb fish was weighed the otheres were 2.5 plus.  It rained all night but it was fairly warm.  Had a lot of fun. Everyone should try it.

Fished Ough's Reef, Fashon Reef, Skamania Reef, Toilet Bowl and 3 eddies below, Phoca rock, Top end of Reed Island, Washington side of Ackerman Isl. No Walleye caught, no bites for three fisherman. I would say the bite was off.  Jim G.

Camas Club Fishout Report: Sat Sept 8, Seven boats caught 7 fish and 3 fish were in the 4-5 pound range. Sunday Sept 9, Four boats were fishing and 8 fish were caught and 4 were over 5 pounds.  Neil Jenkins and Chris Schacht have been in the groove on Ough's Reef but generally the fish are deep and you need the right presentation speed to be successful.

Chris Schacht on Saturday


This is the kind of nasty critter you could have caught on Saturday.

Chris caught this fish and a few others Monday night Sept 10, proving that the fish are biting  on Ough's reef.


Neil Jenkins always seems to find a nice fish..  Hmmm...this one seems to be from below the green can and maybe out by the edge of the channel.


Multnomah Channel has had good fishing for past 3 weeks.  Don't expect to find fish in the same place every day.  They move up and down the Channel.
Fishing can be very good some days but you have to be there to find out.

I fished at Rocky Point about a half mile upstream from the Rocky Point Marina and down to the third set of houses on the water. I made about four passes and caught two bullheads and one small walleye. There was one other boat there making the same run and I don’t know if they caught anything. It was a Lund with all kinds of endorsements decals all over it. It looked like a guy and his wife or girlfriend. I then went and fished below Cook Island and caught four perch and about a dozen of those little prehistoric fish and one very small freshwater halibut. The small fish would eat my worms as fast as I put out the rig. I got one good walleye bite below Cook Island but the hooks came out. It seemed like a big fish.  My next trip is to Boardman in October. Bill

I saw a report in the Portland Tribune Last week that the number one health hazard to Portlanders is eating polluted resident fish from waterways below the Portland Harbor and this would include the lower Willamette and the Multnomah Channel.


fishing report 2 boats fished the mult channel on saturday
the biggest fish was 8lbs there was 11 fish caught between
the 2 boats .   Chris Schacht

Here is a picture of the last remnant of Skamania Island.  It looks like a 75 foot long clump of old dead tree stumps.  

August 5 2012

Don Merrill and Jim Gurtisen were contrarian and decided to go upstream.  Don picked off a nice 8 pounder.

August 5 2012

Today was the day to be there.  Where? Why the Multnomah Channel of course.  Four boats, 19 fish.  Some personal bests were had today.
Check out these photos.

Tim Wignall with his lifetime best, 25.5 inches at 9.0 pounds.  He sure looks happy.

Tim  Wignall with his lifetime smallest fish.

Chris Schacht with a 7 lb fish and showing great leadership ability on the water.
message from chris:I would like to thank all the club members who came out
and fished we had a great weekend the bite was very good
for 2 days straight there was one 10lb fish caught by kevin hollingsworth and many 9lb fish caught and lots of 7lb fish caught there was 9 boats on saturday with 27 fish and 4 boats on sunday with 19 fish caught

Caroline Hansacker and Valerie Ireland with a pair of 7's.  Wow!!

August 4 2012

27 Walleye caught, 9 boats attending,  Hot day, early afternoon bite in central part of Channel.

29 July 2012

Shereen G . caught one 4 lb Walleye  just above the boathouses upstream of the free state ramp on Suvies Island at on worm harness,  released.  Did anyone read the artlcle in the 28 July edition of the Portland Tribune about the pollution problem in the Willamette? There may be a good case to avoid eating resident fish from Willamette river water and that includes the Multnomah Channel.

 28 July 2012

Neil Jenkins and Chris Schact  caught 4 Walleye: 20", 23", 24 1/2, and 25" we also caught catfish, smallmouth bass, sculpin and squawfish all fish
were caught at Coon island and Rockypoint.Chris has already given the report, but I wish to thank him for a great
day on the water. While the catching was a little slow he did put me on a
couple really nice walleye, and gave me some nice tips which I shall use
my next time out. This was my first time on this water and Chris did a
great job so I will be able to start right when I get there again. Thanks
Chris ,,   Neil Jenkins

 22 July 2012

Jim  and Shereen G. - 5 Walleyes caught and released back  to Multn. Channel, two 5 pounders, two 4 pounders and one 2.5 lb. fish. Silver Spinner blades and chartreuse bodies, 18-20 ft, Above, at , and below Coon Island.  P7220824

This Report is from Bill Schumacher and I was fishing with Jerry Sessions on Sunday 22 July 2012.  He caught the first fish, a 22incher which was the only walleye he caught. I caught the next 5 walleye with only one less than 19 inches. The big fish I caught was 9lbs 2ozs and was just over 29 inches which was released. We kept the other walleye and I gave mine to Jerry.  I caught the big fish down from Coon Island on the east side of the channel. I was amazed we caught walleye in less than 20 feet of water when the water temperature was almost 70 degrees.  I was using a copper Smile blade and Jerry used a Scale Smile blade.

21 July 2012
Chris Schacht is in the groove on the Channell.  He has a new Lucky boat, a Lund he purchased from Neil Jenkins.  Chris got a 11 pounder and his fishing buddy Bob Green caught a 10 pounder. Bob got on on the Club's Top Ten list today. Chris reported that someone else caught a 6 lb fish. Only a couple of fish were caught per boat  today.

Chris released this 11 lb. Walleye 
from the Channell

Chris has already given the report, but I wish to thank him for a great

day on the water. While the catching was a little slow he did put me on a
couple really nice walleye, and gave me some nice tips which I shall use
my next time out. This was my first time on this water and Chris did a
great job so I will be able to start right when I get there again. Thanks
Chris ,,   Neil Jenkins

July 15 2012

Multnomah Channell, Caught two Walleye on worm harness accross from Brown's Landing at 9:00 am.  I wanted to document how aggressive a Perch can be.  A 4.5 inch Perch attacked my worm on a #2 hook and I could feel the fish.  I caught a 2.5 lb Walleye also but the little one was more fun. Jim G.

July 14, 2012

Chris Schact and Don Merrill each caught a large Walleye at the Multnomah Channell somewhere around Rocky Point.  The bite was at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Fish deep and fast with worm harnesses.

July 8, 2012

Club Fishout at Rufus/Murryhill//John Day

Six boats participated in the two day event. Only 6 Walleye were landed by three fisherman who caught 2 each.  Biggest fish was 4 lbs caught on a crankbait at preachers eddy. The weather was very hot and calm but the bite was off.  There were at least ten other boats out fishing with similar poor results.  The report was that two weeks prior there was a fantastic bite and everyone caught several fish.  I guess we missed  

June 10

Jim  and Shereen Gurtisen, Columbia on Oregon side of Government Island below boat houses along Marine Drive, The Pasture, under the 205 Bridge and along North side of Government Island between the boat docks.   Very high water, no fish caught on Worm harneses with smily blades.

June 9 2012

Club fishout at  Lower end of Multnomah Channel from Scapoose Bay to Coon island.  Weather Parlty sunny, Water high but 4-5 ft of visability didn't get water temp.  10 members were fishing out of 4 boats and no Walleye were hooked or landed. 

Fish out report for 3-4 October 2009 
By Lyle 
 October 3 and 4 2009 Fishout 
Saturday found two boats on the water. Frank Byran and Tom Schindlbeck caught one walleye; Dan Dougherty and Lyle Amundson caught four. Dan is a new member of the club and caught his first walleye, three pounds nine ounces. Sunday was a great day for catching the elusive walleye. We had three boats on the water: (1) Jim Gurtisen and Don Merrill caught five (they had to leave early). (2) Frank Byran, Lon Mills and Lyle Amundson caught 21. Lon is also a new member of the club and caught his first walleye plus seven more. Nobody came close to the team of Tom Schindlbeck, Greg Dempsey and Neil Jenkins, they caught 40 walleye. We were following them and it seemed they were always going for their net. They had a number of doubles and one triple for the day. Congratulations guys! Lyle 

Feb. 20-21 2009
Fished out of Irrigon Reported by Bruce Dixon One fish 3-4 pounds on bottom walker chartreuse birdie with nite crawler 40 feet, water was cold at 38.8 degrees. Saw a few others caught. Fished 2 days one fish 4 people in boat. Cal, Bob, Walt, Bruce D. 

Feb 18 2009 9.6 Pounds By Larry Wild

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