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Knots and Lure Making

Great links to tying your Knots 
 Animated Knots By Grog

This is an Outstanding site for knots with great animation 

Lure Making

 The John Day Special 

The John Day Special came about from the joint efforts of Mah-Hah Outfitters Guide, Pro Staffer Steve Fleming and Pro Staffer Larry McClintock. This lure, seen here tied with black line for visibility, has 5 components. The lead head is a Charlie Brewer Slider , the line is 14 pound test, or whatever you desire, 3 MM black plastic beads, a 1.1 Smile Blade® and a #6 black 6 bead chain swivel from Mack’s Lure®. 

The knots used for both the Slider and the bead chain are palomar knots and the typical length of the leader is 18 inches. This is a great rig to use for casting and retrieving for walleye and bass and can be rigged weedless for casting into heavy cover. This lure has been responsible for many smallmouth bass over 19 inches and as big as 23 inches plus. 

The Mosquito 

This a worm harness is made with either a size # 4, #2 or #1 hooks, Mack’s Lure stack beads with a 5 mm bead in the middle and a 3mm or 4 mm bead against the hooks and next to the Hot Wing® Blade. This gives a long slender body and instead of using a Smile Blade® we use a Mack’s Lure Hot Wing® blade in its place. Like the Smile Blade® it is necessary to have a 6 bead chain swivel on you leader to prevent twisting. You can use either one or two stack beads depending on how long a bait you want to display. Individual mixed colored beads can also be used if that is your preference. The center bead can also be a Mack’s Lure Wedding Ring® bead if you want a little more bang for your buck. The length of the lure depends on the size of presentation that you want to give the fish. The leader length can be from 24 to 60 inches. The long slender body and the long slender wings give this lure its name, the Mosquito. It is extremely effective for walleye and smallmouth bass. It can be rigged with a night crawler or a plastic worm or grub and can even be rigged with a leach. When using plastics it can be made weedless when necessary. It is important that the Hot wing® blade does not interfere with the first hook.

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