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Club Member PHOTOS

Lonnie Ireland
18.06 lb

Released to be caught again, maybe by you!


Dan Tuinstra
October 2002, Mid Columbia R.
17 lb. 13 oz., 34 inches

Ron Deshais's
16.7 lb.  released
Boardman Oregon

For a great story about this fish go to Newsletter: May 2009, pp. 15,16


Brett Sorenson
16.5 lb
Released  back into Lower Columbia R.
October 2011

Jerry Kolman's
best,  16.25 lb.
Rufus Oregon
March 2012

Schumacher_Boardmanmar2013_editedYou have to imagine Bill Schumacher posing with the fish above.  He was fishing Boardman on March 15, 2013 by himself.  Naturally he found it difficult to hold the fish and take his own picture.  The fish was 15 lb. 12 oz and the tape indicates at least 34 inches.  It was a gravid female that was released unharmed from about 25 ft. Bill caught several other very large fish that day.  

Steve Mieden
15.5 lb with Dan Tuinstra 14.0 lb

T. Miller
15.2 lb
Columbia R.

Josh Green, 15 lbs, below Bonneville Dam

Chris Schact, 14 July 2012, Multnomah Channel, 15 lbs, 33 inches, Released
Caught on a worm harness with chartreuse beads and a silver spinner blade at 35 ft.,  Welcome to the big league, Chris!

Lonnie Handsacker, 14.5 lb
Dalles Pool, 2017

Dan Tuinistra
13 lb. 15 oz
Mid Columbia R.

Lyle Amundson
12.25 lb female
Feb 2013
Caught from his favorite hole Below John Day Dam

Maria Caliva, 13.0 lbs
2008, The Dalles Pool

Carole Mieden
12 lb. 2oz., 31.5"
Middle Columbia R.
Nov. 3 2011


Neil Jenkins, 13 .bs, 2008

Rick Tuttle, 11 lbs, Somewhere around marker 49, Boardman, Oct 13, 2012, released.

Frank Bryan, 12.25, The Dalles Pool, 2011

12 lb. 6 oz. walleye 2 7-27-16_0

Don Sanada, 11.5 lb
2017, released

Kevin Holllingsworth, 7.1 lbs, Camas 2017, released.  He caught and released the one below, over 9 lbs, this year also.

Shereen Gurtisen 
10.5 lb, Released
Mid Columbia R.
Jan 2012

Kevin Hollingsworth, 9 lbs, Aug 2017 Camas, released

Valerie Ireland
8.40 lb
July 21, 2012
John Day Pool
Released to fight another day

Dan Tuinstra
Nov 17 2012
Columbia River
11lb, 8 oz
29"L, 18"Girth

Shereen Gurtisen, 8.25 lb fish from
Multnomah Channel, released on 6/8/2013

Sure looks bigger than 8 lbs, don't you think?

14.1  lb, 32 "
Jim Gurtisen, 
Promptly Released, 
18 Oct 2013
Umatilla Oregon

Tanya Luken's first 7 pounder, Columbia River, Maryhill, April 20 2014, Released

Jeff Moore, 10 lbs, Nov.2014
Columbia River, released,

Jon Murahashi
12 lbs released into Columbia below John Day Dam, 2/14/2015

Bill Woods, 9 lbs,
Released back to The Columbia, 2/14/2015

Shereen Gurtisen, 9 Aug 2015, Oughs Reef, 8.1 lbs, released

James Gardner,  June 2017,
Released back to Multn. Chan.

Mike Stark, Feb 2016, 
Columbia R. 
fish released unharmed, 8+ lb, gravid female

Lyle Amundson, Channel 
Fishing in July 2017, Released


Lyle Amundson, July 2017

David Dickey, 7.9lb

Caroline Handsacker Jan 2018 Dalles Poole, 8 lbs released

Cal Burkhardsmeier
9.2 lbs, released
December 2016

Sherry Redman, 
6 lbs, 2017, Dalles Poole


Don Bonstien, 10.9 lb. Released back to John Day Pool, Mar 2018

Chris says, "Size Matters"

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