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Seasons Greetings:  from Bill Schumacher in Colorado

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Alert !!!
  No 1 Health Hazard in the Portland Metro area is from eating resident fish from the Multnomah Channel.  Please use good judgement in this regard.  This is one area you might consider catch and release after a picture.

 New Washington State Record.

 John Grubenhoff, of Pasco Washington, has caught a 20.32 lb Walleye near the Tri Cities, Washington on Friday March 1, 2014,  near dusk The fish was measured properly at a certified scale and witnessed by a State Fishery Biologist.  John is a familiar face in the Lower Columbia as he posted "Camas Tourny" wins here.  He is a 29 year Walleye fishing  veteran who is a master of the blade bait technique.  To catch this fish John used a 2 oz bottom bouncer,  6 ft of leader, a size 13 Floating Rapala (Black and Silver),  pulling against current at 22 ft depth near rocky shoreline.   John is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  He has put in the effort and deserves the record.    The previous Washington state record was caught in 2007 by Mike Hepper of Richland Washington at 19.3 lbs.  The Oregon State Record has been held by Arnold Berg since 1990  at 19 lbs 15.3 oz .  The current undisputed record Walleye is from Greers Ferry Arkansas, 1982, at 22 lbs 11 oz.  A disputed record was caught in 1960 from Old Hickory Reservoir  in  Tennessee and measured in at 25 lbs.  There are fish reported to be much larger than any of the above fish, in the Columbia River, still available to be caught, by YOU! 

Ken Demunter passed away on Nov 20, 2014.  As an avid outdoorsman Ken had a passion for fishing multi species of fish but had a taste and facination for Walleye.  Ken has been member of the Club for one year an will be sorely missed by his fishing buddies.  Ken is shown demonstrating that there are other ways, maybe more simple ways to have even more fun at less expense and with less of a footprint. Schreiber/Gurtisen


Lower Columbia Walleye Club 
  • How to, Walleye fishing, Tournament, Columbia River 
  • Purpose: To help people enhance their Walleye fishing experience on the Columbia River and itís watershed.
  •  We utilize, speakers at our 11 regular meeting, a monthly newsletter, networking among friends and club members and field experience in the form of club fish outs and club sponsored tournaments.  Members recieve 12 monthly color newsletters and can perticipate in 2 club sponsored tournaments
  • We promote catch and release and the health of our Fishery and monitor Governmental, Commercial, environmental impacts. 
  • We are promoting the involvement of youth as a primary goal.
  • The Columbia River is home to some of the worlds best trophy walleye fishing.
  • Membership is a blend of beginner, novice, seasoned and Tournament Walleye fisherman with and without boats. Our club has some of the best walleye anglers in the northwest calling our club their home. One of our members is perhaps the most successful 10 lb + Walleye fisherman in North America.
  • We have hosted North America's western most Walleye Tournament.

  Link to: New Membership Application Form

                       New Member Dues

  • Individual -$30 per year
  • Family - $50 per year

                        Renewable Dues
Individual  - $25 per year
        Family  -  $40  per year
        Lifetime Member   $250
        Lifetime Family  $300

     Make all applications & checks payable to:
     Lower Columbia Walleye Club, Inc.
     PO Box 30454,  Portland Oregon, 97294


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